Week 15 Pregnancy Recap

How far along?

15 Weeks (ended about December 20, 2013).

Size of Baby

Photo courtesy of TheBump.com.

Photo courtesy of TheBump.com.

According to The Bump, the baby is about the size of an orange, measuring 4 in. and weighing 2.5 oz. The baby is squirming a lot, possibly hiccuping, and moving all joints and limbs!

Maternity Clothes?

Not yet.


The usual – tired, hungry, lots of pee breaks. Over the past few weeks, muscles and ligaments in my lower abdomen have felt like they’re stretching, which is a little uncomfortable.


Nothing unusual.


Saturday: 5.8 mile run
Sunday: P90X Yoga
Monday: 5K run on the treadmill (yuck – not a fan of treadmills, but will probably start using them more throughout the pregnancy) + light weights
Thursday: P90X Yoga
Friday: 3.8 mile run


Maybe. It kind of felt like there was movement every once in a while towards the end of the week.


Had my first actual doctor’s appointment (with the doctor, not the nurse). Total weight gain is 10 lbs. (whoa, but the docs don’t seem concerned by that, so maybe it will even out this trimester…?). They took a vile of blood to do the Quad Screening. Heard the baby’s heartbeat – 150 bpm. That was cool!

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