Warrior Dash 2013 Central Florida Race Recap

Eric Warrior Dash 2013 Michele Warrior Dash 2013

Yes, I’ve been slacking on the race updates. Eventually, I will catch you up on last year’s half marathon and triathlon.

In other news, we completed our fourth Warrior Dash on Saturday, February 2nd. To get you caught up, previous Warrior Dash blog posts can be found at:
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Within the first two miles of the course, we designated this as the best course to date. The obstacle walls were higher and the obstacles themselves were more creative. Although there was a bit of a bottleneck at the chain ladder obstacle, it probably would not have been a memorable setback by the end of the course.

There was, however, a significant hindrance on the course – a severe lack of planning in the design of one of the obstacles. It’s a bit of a blow to your momentum when, within the last mile of a good run, you come to a dead stop. Then, you wait…and wait…and wait…for a whopping 30 minutes (yes, we calculated our wait time when we edited the video). Meanwhile, we watched many of the runners pass by the obstacle because they didn’t feel like waiting and then we watched the wave that started the race 30 minutes after us hit a dead stop behind us. Needless to say, no one is going to have an accurate finish time, nor will they have accurate standings.

Luckily, the obstacle dubbed “Vicious Valley” turned out to be fun and challenging (particularly for short people) and almost worth the wait. This obstacle can be found at 6:25 of the video.

Vibrams Warrior Dash

Within a few hours of returning home, I removed two splinters in my fingers, identified cuts and bruises on both knees and both elbows, and realized that my face, chest and shoulders were severely sunburned (Florida in the winter?). Just another day in the life of a mud run! We’ll be back next year.

For those of you who know us in person, can you tell, based on the music alone, who cut this video? For the record, it is one of my favorites.. 🙂

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