Hydration and Energy – Do you GU?

Hydration PackThis morning’s 5 mile run was exhausting. It may have been our general energy levels or the unanticipated heat or the hydration pack I tried to wear with the 2 liter hydration reservoir. Two liters feels surprisingly heavy while running.

Now that we’re running 7+ miles regularly in Florida, we’re trying to play around with hydration and fueling options. I get thirsty at the drop of a hat no matter where I am or what I’m doing so I drink tons of water daily, but I hate carrying water bottles during runs. It seems to help if I drink Gatorade rather than water before a run, but I would prefer to have hydration with me at all times. So, I bought the hydration pack hoping it would be light enough to run with. It looked small and seemed light. However, it proved to be exhausting. Maybe it will just take some getting used to…

Now that we’re running longer distances to train for the half marathon, we’ve been advised to fuel during our runs. So, we bought some GU – both the energy gel and the chomps. I’m still apprehensive about trying the energy gel mid-run, but Eric brought the chomps during last week’s 8 mile run. About 5 miles into our run, he offered me a chomp, which I was more willing to try than the gel. Here’s what I learned: I have a difficult time chewing and breathing at the same time. It completely threw me off. It didn’t taste horrible, but it was larger than I expected. By the time I finished chewing, I had to regain my breathing. I didn’t feel rejuvenated. I actually felt extremely thirsty.

Hydration Pack

I will eventually give the gel a try and I’ll probably give the hydration pack one more chance on a shorter run, but so far I have not found a decent hydration/fueling process. Between the Nike plus sport kit and the hydration pack, I look like I’m about to launch myself to the moon.

What do you do to stay hydrated and appropriately fueled?

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Author: Michele

Co-Founder of 615media. Married to Eric. Strong attachment to coffee. Occasional blogger. Social media and marketing consultant. Website designer and manager. Recent masters grad. Toddler mom.

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  • David Repp

    I got a Mini M.U.L.E. which is pretty small, but just worked up to it. Running in 105 plus this summer almost every day in Texas, I needed hydration. I carried my pack with me. The heaviness was outweighed by the heat. But all I can say is you just push through it and get more used to it. There is no real trick that will work, in my opinion, other than just getting used to it.

    • Thank you so much, David! You’re right – the trick is probably just getting used to it. I’ll have to give it another try. Thanks!

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