A Bit About StSS

Sporting the Small Stuff (StSS) was born out of our wedding website. In October of 2010, Eric and I got married in Brazil and maintained a website so everyone back home could stay updated on our wedding. After the honeymoon, I started blogging and it eventually seemed appropriate to move the blog over to its own location. Thus, SportingTheSmallStuff.com was born.

The Original StSS

From 2011-2013, StSS was a sports blog covering running (including minimalist running and races), martial arts (mostly kung fu), and miscellaneous adventures and excursions. When I got pregnant in 2013, I hoped to chronicle my pregnancy, but between a full-time job, community involvement, grad school and pregnancy, I just ran out of time and I allowed blogging to fall by the wayside.

NOW – It’s All About You (And Me)

A lot has changed over the past 2+ years. Sporting the Small Stuff experienced a design overhaul in April 2016 and I now have the most amazing toddler I could ever ask for. However, raising kids isn’t easy, so tips, tricks, and brainstorming are welcomed and appreciated. I have ZERO expertise with this motherhood thing and I’m making it up as I go along. I’ve learned a few things that I hope you find helpful and I’ve made LOTS of mistakes (that I hope you find helpful).

More importantly, I (and the interwebs) want to learn from you. So, please offer your feedback and experiences!

Professional Life

There is a lot wrong with how the United States handles parental leave. Aside from being one of only three countries with no paid parental leave (we’re tied with Suriname and Papua New Guinea), new parents in America are put in less than ideal situations whether they go back to work immediately, stay home, or settle on a hybrid.

There will be more blog posts on this topic. Stay tuned.

With that in mind, I used to work long hours at a full-time job outside of the home. I am now the Co-Founder of the digital advertising agency 615media and I also consult in website design, social media, and marketing. My husband and I both work from home where we co-parent our daughter. This is the most ideal setup for us, but it’s not ideal. I don’t believe any parents in America are given a fair option.

About some new links on the website

Please keep in mind that sometimes I use this website as a testing ground for website design, plugins, scripts, etc.

Among other things, I’m experimenting with some affiliate marketing links. Please know that I will not suggest a product to you or include an ad on this site unless I truly recommend the product. Disclaimer: If you happen to purchase a product that I suggested or advertised, I will get a percentage of the sale. I want to be as transparent as possible. Again, I will not promote anything I don’t believe in and I won’t send you to a sketchy page. Please contact me if you have questions.